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How high Speed Doors Help Save Energy?

The important points of the fast door are its sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, dust prevention, high strength, high water tightness and high airtightness. It is the key point that the fast door can realize energy saving under the condition of meeting its own function, and it can heat insulation and heat preservation.


In the workshop or office, it is normal to turn on air conditioning in summer and heating in winter, which consumes a lot of energy and increases the economic burden of enterprises. The high sealing property of the fast door can prevent the loss of air very efficiently. In addition, the opening and closing speed of the fast door is ideal, so the air is not easy to be lost. In winter, the temperature difference between outdoor and indoor is large. If the sealing property is low, the pressure difference between outdoor and indoor air will be caused. The cold air will flow into the room from the gap, so the indoor temperature will fluctuate greatly, which will affect the indoor environment and consume more heat energy. When it’s sultry in summer, no matter whether it’s muggy or cold, the temperature difference between outdoor and indoor will increase the energy consumption, so the sealing performance of the fast door is very important.


Working process of the fast door: the door opening sensor provides trigger signals to the control system, and the control system sends instructions to the frequency converter according to the current position of the fast-rolling door. The driving motor is started to make the door curtain rise rapidly. The vehicle and pedestrian automatically descend through the rear door curtain and close the channel until the next door opening signal is opened again. As the name implies, the speed of the fast-rolling door is very fast, and it can not be started and stopped directly like the steel rolling gate. Generally, the frequency converter is needed to control the speed of the motor. The faster the ascent is, the better. When it is fast in place (about 20cm), there needs to be a deceleration buffer stop process to prevent collision with the track, prevent people from being jammed, and reduce noise. This is also a standard to measure the performance of the fast-rolling shutter door.


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