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How does the Radar Induction Control Work?

How about the radar induction control of the fast rolling shutter door? Usually, microwave is used to sense the moving object. When the object enters the launching area, the microprocessor will send out a signal immediately, and the door will rise to the top automatically. According to the preset delay time, the door body will automatically descend. The sensitivity and the sensing distance of the sensor can be adjusted. This function is automatic and effective.

Radar controlled roll up door

  1. Industrial radar is needed when there is a transverse channel or to detect the identification of people and vehicles.

  1. If the fast rolling shutter door is required to sense within 2 meters, it is possible that the radar will be sensed when the door body descends, and it will rise and fall continuously.

  1. The distance between the two fast rolling shutter doors is less than 6m, which may affect the door opening.

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