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The Difference Between Normally-open and Normally-closed Fire Damper Actuators

The fire damper is installed in the air duct system of the air conditioner. The working principle is the temperature control of the extremely fusible alloy, and the valve is closed by the action of gravity and the spring mechanism. When a fire occurs, the flame invades the air duct, and the high temperature melts the fusible alloy on the valve, or deforms the memory alloy to automatically close the valve, which is used in the occasion where the air duct and the fire compartment penetrate.

Fire damper: It is installed on the air supply and return pipes of the ventilation and air-conditioning system. It is usually open. When the gas temperature in the pipeline reaches 70°C during a fire, the fusible piece will melt, and the valve will automatically close under the force of the torsion spring. A valve that can meet the requirements of fire resistance stability and fire resistance integrity within a certain period of time, and play a role in preventing smoke and fire. When the valve is closed, the output is closed, and closed at 70℃. However, one more telecommunications input can be remotely controlled by the fire control room to turn off. It is generally used in the common air supply and fire supplementary air duct system. In the event of a fire, it can be controlled to close the room that does not require supplementary air. The normally open type smoke exhaust fire damper melts and closes at 280℃. It is normally open, but the fusing temperature is different. It is generally used where the fire exhaust pipe passes through the firewall. When the flue gas temperature exceeds 280 degrees, it will automatically fuse and shut down, and the exhaust fan can be turned off in conjunction.

Fire damper actuators are generally installed on the pipes of the mechanical smoke exhaust system, which can effectively prevent smoke and fire when used in specific applications. The fire damper actuator has a certain temperature range when it is designed, and it needs to be closed when it reaches 280℃, and it can actually meet the smoke leakage and the integrity of the fire resistance within a certain period of time. This is that we should all understand the important factors of fire damper actuator.

Smoke exhaust fire damper: Generally, a fire damper must be installed at the front of the fan in the exhaust system. It is usually open. After a fire occurs, the exhaust valve is opened in a certain area to start the smoke exhaust machine. If the fire is not effectively controlled, the smoke will be exhausted after a period of time. The temperature of the exhaust smoke from the system is getting higher and higher. Generally, the fire damper on the fire exhaust is low, and it will automatically fuse after reaching this temperature. The valve is automatically closed, and the action of the smoke exhauster is stopped by automatic linkage! Because at this time, it is no longer meaningful to exhaust smoke. What is exhausted is fire, which is equivalent to supporting combustion!

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