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Harmonic Drive Characteristics of Harmonic Gearbox

  1. What is harmonic gear drive?

If we have been in contact with a harmonic gear drive, we will know that it is a device that transmits power. The reason why it is called a harmonic drive is that the flexible part is deformed by force during its work, and the flexible part is deformed. There will be a harmonic. When understanding the relevant information of the harmonic gearbox gear drive, then we must understand the characteristics of the harmonic gear drive.

  1. Characteristics of harmonic gear drive

In fact, there are many characteristics of harmonic gear drive. We all know that harmonic gearbox gear drive can be used as a power source, but if we study carefully, we will find that harmonic gear drive can be used as a speed-increasing device or a decelerating device. The energy it provides can complete a lot of work, so it can play a role in many occasions. In the three main components of the harmonic gear drive, each device can be fixed, after one of them is fixed, the rest two can be one active and one follower to complete power transmission work.

The drive ratio of the harmonic gear drive is very large, but although the harmonic gear drive has such a high drive ratio, its volume is often relatively small, and the number of parts composing it is also relatively small, making the harmonic gearbox installation very convenient and the maintenance very simple, but although the harmonic gearbox has such a small volume, its working efficiency is very high, basically between 92 and 96%. The load-carrying capacity of the harmonic gear drive is very high, because the flexible wheel and the steel wheel are meshed together by multiple teeth, which makes the wear surface of the gear relatively uniform during the working process, and no place will appear excessive damage. The gap between the two gears can also be adjusted. When the torsional stiffness of the flexspline is relatively large, the two gears of the harmonic gearbox can achieve high-precision anastomosis. During the working process of the harmonic gear drive, the mutual power transmission between the sealed space and the external environment can be realized.

It is precisely because the harmonic gear drive has so many characteristics that it can have such a large application range, and people need to understand it in more detail. After we understand its characteristics, we should also know its installation and use precautions, etc., so as to ensure that we can carry out the correct operation.

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