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What Are the Jewelcrafting Differences Between WoW Retail and TBC

Despite some very obvious differences, the jewelry processing in WoW Shadowlands is still somewhat similar to the jewelry processing in WoW Classic TBC. In many ways, the process of TBC Jewelcrafting is much more complicated. Understanding these complexities will greatly help some WOW TBC Classic Gold players understand the talents and efforts in this “new” profession.

1. In Shadowlands, you can study each extended major separately, provided that you must learn the level 1 vanilla and target extension of the major. In TBC, you will need to learn jewelry processing from levels 1-300 before you can learn 300-375.

2. In Shadowlands, most equipment has only one gem slot, and you can put any gem into it. In TBC, gears can have multiple gem slots, and multiple types of gem slots that can only accommodate certain types of gems.

3.In Shadowlands, there are only 3 basic gems, which can be obtained through mining, prospecting, or looting. In TBC, there are six colors and multiple gem types and gem layers in a Meta category, and different methods are used to obtain them. For example, some basic gems can only be made by alchemists through transformation, while some can only be plundered from advanced creatures.

4. In the Shadowlands, delicate ornaments are the only authority for inscriptions, and inscriptions are not released until Wrath of the Lich King. In TBC, jewelers make trinkets in the form of figurines.

5. In the Land of Shadows, there are jewelry crafting trainers in almost every major city. In TBC, Azeroth’s only classic jewelcrafting trainer is located only in Silvermoon City or Exodar, while Outland is only located in Honor Hold, Salma and Shattrath.

6. In the Shadowlands (in fact, in all expansions after the veterans, except for the Legion), no jeweler can make crowns, except for a crown that can be used as a metamorphosis. In TBC, whether it is classic or TBC, the crown is part of the jewelry processing profession.

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