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After you install one of these Custom Peptide synthesis

Also within the body of Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 , you may want to use your best keywords as text links. You can link to other articles on your site. Or you can link to other authority sites. Google smiles on internal and external links in keyword rich pages.

If you are adding images to your post, use your best keywords as the alt attribute in your image tags. Alt tag stand for alternate tag. Google does not see images when it is scanning your site. But is does read the alt tags. This is yet another way for your post to be found in the search engines for your keywords.

Alt tags are also used on sites when, for Neoantigen peptides, the image can not be displayed. The alt tag will show in place of the image. It lets the reader know there should be an image here and here is a description of that image. One little known use of the alt tags is that they are used for the visually impaired. The visually impaired use software to read the content of your website. This software cannot read images. But it does read the alt tags. So by using alt tags for your images, you are helping the visually impaired have a better experience on your WordPress website.

Now let’s talk about the meta data. This is information that is used in the code of your site that Google reads. Don’t worry, you don’t need to learn code. In WordPress, there are SEO plug-ins that allow you to enter meta data for each post. The two most used SEO plug-ins you can choose from are All-in-One SEO or Platinum SEO.


After you install one of these Custom Peptide synthesis, you will find an additional section added to your edit post page. You should enter in your long tail keyword rich blog post title and a 160 character description of your post in the meta tags sections. There is also a section to enter the keywords being used for each post. It is good SEO practice to enter all the keywords you want your blog post to be found under when searched. These keywords should be specific to that particular blog post. You can enter a lot of keywords here, but don’t go overboard. Keep it under 20.



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