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Walk right behind himand assault or pickpocket him

Walk right behind himand assault or pickpocket him. He has 20hp, so try and OSRS Gold make a fast kill, or in case you have a good thieving (60+) Pickpocket him. This item is essential. Put it on, and take all your other armor except off your weapon. Exit the area, with run away, in the hallway. Walk past any guards to the previous room, at the end of the hallway. When no guards are facing you, place on your armor and open the doorway. The hostage-taker will attack you with variety and melee.

He is level 108 with 450HP, making it a little challenge to kill. During the struggle, guards can enter the room and strike you. There is a high likelihood he will summon a High Guard (level-75) to mage you with a rather strong Wind Wave. When he is dead, then speak into the Hostage, and scale out the window and run to the exit, with numerous level 35’s which range you. There can, occasionally, be around 20 guards attacking you, so be careful and quick. When you exit, you will be provided a reward: Money, a Rune item, Runes, or even a Kandarin Shield, equivalent to Adamant, and will allow you to get into a place where 3 Hostage Guards are resting, to kill.

Pures lost a great deal of value. I am not saying they suck now, as I have one, but it is difficult to get that kill occasionally. Pjing skyrocketed. At least edge people would request struggles. Here’s an exerpt from Jagex on bounty hunter being multi battle: Combat Change: First on our critical ticklist was the multiway facet of Bounty Hunter. Occasionally, solo players would walk into Bounty Hunter and be ambushed by huge clans who they didn’t stand a chance against.

This wasn’t what we intended to happen, therefore, we’ve tweaked the rules so multiway battle can only be used in certain conditions. Jagex doesn’t like players to Cheap RuneScape Gold have a unfair advantage over individuals so this goes the easiest fix EVER! Make some Bounty Hunter worlds multiway combat and many others 1v1.

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