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What Makes Microfiber Clean Room Cloth So Strong?

As the current situation of oversupply in China becomes more and more serious, people’s requirements for product quality are beginning to be higher and higher. Whether it is the rapid iteration of smart phones or the ebbs and flows of various smart IoT products, they are constantly reminding for the big bosses in the manufacturing industry, the production of high-quality products has become the lifeblood of whether a company can grow and develop.

  1. The production environment of clean room cloth

The production of high-quality products must be produced in a dust-free workshop with an extreme highly-required environment, because the more rigorous the production environment, the less the range of factors affecting the environment will be. With fewer environmental factors, the product quality can be guaranteed and improved.

Microfiber clean room cloth, as a cleaning cloth used to wipe the surface of products in high-grade dust-free workshops, has strict requirements on its quality and manufacturing process.

  1. The material and technology of clean room cloth

In terms of material and technology, the microfiber clean room cloth is knitted from high-quality polyester and nylon silk, and then selected excellent chemical formulas through several processes such as cleaning, opening and shaping, forming our market those high-quality microfiber clean room cloths that I saw.

Because the texture of the microfiber clean room cloth is very soft and delicate, and its excellent and special fiber opening characteristics make its decontamination ability extremely powerful, especially, it has a very powerful decontamination effect  for hand-printed oil stains, ink stains , powders and dirt.

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