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What Impact Will Intelligent Logistics Have on the Entire Supply Chain of the Manufacturing Industry

Smart factory construction and intelligent logistics are the decisive factors in the intelligentization of manufacturing. Intelligent logistics is not only the realization of intelligence in production links, but also the realization of intelligence in all business links from procurement, production to product sales and final logistics and distribution. But the key point is that under the introduction of the new technology wave, what kind of attitude does the manufacturing industry take to embrace intelligence and how to quickly embark on the road of intelligence?

  1. What is intelligent logistics

Intelligent logistics can be simply understood as a process from purchasing materials to warehousing, picking materials to production and processing, and product warehousing to selling. From this point of view, intelligent logistics can be regarded as the intelligent management and information management of this process, which is essentially a change of production mode, that is, intelligent technology is used to reshape all aspects of manufacturing logistics.

In the past, the manufacturing industry mainly relied on manpower and some large-scale equipment to complete production. However, with the consumption of demographic dividends and the increase in labor costs, the traditional manufacturing industry’s road of relying on manpower development has become narrower. At the same time, intelligent equipment represented by industrial robots is bringing revolutionary industrial changes to the production methods of traditional equipment manufacturing and logistics and other related industries.

  1. Intelligent logistics from another aspect

Look at intelligent logistics from another aspect. In fact, intelligent logistics is a system platform that uses barcodes, GIS technology, automatic identification technology, data mining, artificial intelligence technology and other technologies to integrate all aspects of logistics. Through this platform, suppliers can understand the status of the company’s receipts and the company can purchase materials, and can realize the real-time status of materials, mobile receipt and inspection, etc. Warehouse management can more simply carry out inventory, allocation and other operations, and also includes intelligent management such as production picking, shipping and outgoing.

  1. The advantages of logistics informatization

The advantages of this kind of logistics informatization are that the working method is simpler, people don’t need to go back and forth, the information feedback is more timely, the coordination between departments is more convenient, the operation errors are greatly reduced, and the impact on production is reduced. At the same time, some flexible strategies can be formed based on big data to help companies do a good job in warehouse management planning and optimization, make top-level decisions, and know them fairly well.

However, people’s attention from intelligent logistics has gradually expanded to the entire supply chain of the manufacturing industry, just as the state’s key support industries have changed from smart logistics to supply chain management in recent years. As the main driver of the supply chain, intelligent logistics, as a new trend in the development of the manufacturing industry, will inevitably bring earth-shaking changes to the manufacturing industry.

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