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What Are the Advantages of Steam Generators for Laundry Shops?

  1. The cost of  steam generator

Washing machines, dryers, ironing machines, folding machines, etc. are necessary accessories for laundry, of course, a power source is also needed. Each laundromat has a different opinion about choosing electricity or steam. In order to reduce the initial investment, many people choose to use electric heating laundry equipment in order to reduce the initial investment, and they do not want to install the supporting steam device. At the beginning, they did not feel that, but in the long run, the laundry room will definitely regret the high electricity bill in the later period. The power consumption of steam-powered equipment is only a small part of electric heating. Therefore, in terms of cost, it is more economical to use steam as a power source in the laundry room.

  1. The washing effect of  steam generator

In addition, in terms of washing effect, in fact, no matter which laundry room accessory uses steam generator, it is better than electric heating. Steam has a unique working method. It can not only clean clothes and achieve the effect of fluffing and stretching, but also remove wrinkles and peculiar smells, making it more comfortable to use, which is not possible with electric heating. Just talk about the ironing process, in order to achieve the ironing effect, the electric iron must artificially increase the moisture of the clothes when working, the process is cumbersome, and the ironing effect is still ideal. The steam generator used in the laundry room is different. The steam itself has a humidifying function, and it is sprayed on the surface of the clothes to have a leveling effect, without pressure, to ensure a fluffy texture.

  1. Conclusion

The steam generator is both heat and kinetic energy. It can be used for washing and ironing, as well as sterilization and disinfection, reducing the work of the laundry room, and not only improving work efficiency. The steam is also used for washing, drying, and ironing equipment, saving cost and space. It can ring tangible benefits such as energy saving and water saving to the laundry room.

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