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Things You Don’t Know About Air Filter Cleaners

For people, poor air quality can wear a mask to prevent dust. For car engines, air filter cleaners are their “protective masks”. So, what is an air filter cleaner and how should it be maintained?

What is an air filter cleaner

The air filter cleaner is located in the engine’s air intake system. Its main function is to finely filter the air entering the engine cylinder, filter out sand and some suspended particles in the air, and ensure that the air entering the engine is relatively pure. Whether the air filter cleaner can be kept clean and unobstructed is related to the life of the engine.

In actual work, when the filter element of the air filter cleaner is blocked by suspended particles and cannot meet the air flow required by the engine, the engine will be “out of breath” and abnormal working conditions will occur.

Under what circumstances need to replace the air filter cleaner?

The roar is muffled and the acceleration is slow (the air intake is insufficient and the cylinder pressure is not enough);

Weak work and increased fuel consumption (combustion is incomplete due to over-rich mixture);

The water temperature rises relatively (combustion continues when entering the exhaust stroke);

Exhaust smoke becomes thicker when accelerating (the air flow is not enough to cause incomplete combustion in a short time);

When these symptoms appear, you should consider removing the filter element for maintenance or replacement.

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