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The Status Quo of the Development of 3rd Party Logistics

3rd party logistics is the product of the development of the logistics industry to a certain stage, and the 3rd party logistics can effectively save costs, accelerate the exchanges between enterprises, and form a professional 3rd party logistics enterprise, which is also an inevitable trend in the development of the logistics industry.

The positive impact of the development of 3rd party logistics

The positive impact of the development of 3rd party logistics on social development: as a new industry, 3rd party logistics is an inevitable requirement for the development of society to a certain stage, and is a product that meets the needs of the development of the times.

  1. It is conducive for enterprises to concentrate their efforts on their main business:

In the production process, the company needs to process the product, and then carry out activities such as storage, packaging, distribution, etc. before it can be shipped to the other party. This not only takes up the cost of the company, but also takes up the resources of the company. The company needs to allocate a special business department to deal with these matters. After these business activities are handed over to the 3rd party logistics, the occurrence of such problems can be effectively prevented. The centralized transportation of these products to the 3rd party logistics can better enable the company to save manpower and material resources to grasp the main industry.

At the same time, logistics enterprises can also collect the products of multiple enterprises and transport them in a unified manner, which also reduces the transportation cost accordingly. The development of the 3rd party logistics industry is conducive to the optimization of the resource allocation of enterprises, the use of the main energy, financial resources, material resources and human resources of the enterprise on major events related to the long-term survival of the enterprise, focusing on the development of advantageous industries, conducting key research, and continuously developing new products Participate in market competition.

  1. Conducive to the reduction of business costs:

After the company’s products are handed over to the 3rd party logistics for management, the company does not need to retain the original warehouses, vehicles, management personnel and other material resources, and transfers the transportation and distribution of these products to the 3rd party logistics company, which can effectively reduce the company’s operations. Costs can also reduce the company’s capital expenditures and use more funds for the key to the development of the company.

At the same time, it also correspondingly reduces unnecessary troubles for enterprises in the transportation and distribution process, because 3rd party logistics enterprises only engage in the development of related industries, and compared with ordinary enterprises, they have rich experience and greatly reduce transportation costs.

  1. Promote the improvement of service quality and level

Because 3rd party logistics companies have professional transportation channels in the process of product transportation and distribution, transportation personnel are experienced, and the circulation of goods is very fast, especially in modern times. With the development of the logistics industry, computers have been fully applied to logistics companies. During the development of the Internet, people can check the delivery status of items at any time on the Internet, which facilitates people to learn about item information in time.

At the same time, the service quality of 3rd party logistics has been greatly strengthened. Through the implementation of door-to-door services and professional return and exchange processing, the high-level service quality has won the company’s good reputation, and the company’s customer loyalty is high, and a large number of loyal customers have been cultivated. The service quality has been greatly improved, and a win-win situation among enterprises, 3rd party logistics enterprises and customers has been realized. Through the professional services of 3rd party logistics, the cost of the enterprise is reduced, the social reputation is improved, the image of the enterprise is greatly improved, and a good reputation and reputation in the society are formed.

With the rapid development of the market, the logistics industry is also undergoing tremendous changes. Throughout the third logistics industry, after recent years of development, logistics service functions and service quality have been significantly improved, and social competitiveness has been further strengthened.

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