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The Selection and Use of the Air Filtration System in the Pig House

Airborne transmission is a major route for the spread of many pathogens, including porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus, influenza virus, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, and African swine fever. With the help of dust particles or other biological aerosols in the atmosphere, they can spread from one production site to another through the air.

The air filtration system can significantly cut off the air transmission route of pathogens in the animal group. However, the transmission route of pathogens is not limited to air transmission. Therefore, the integrated epidemic prevention measures integrated with the air filtration system can more effectively and reliably reduce the breeding risk. The following is a brief introduction to the selection of the air filtration system in the pig house.

  1. Anti-epidemic principle of air filtration system

Does the air filtration system directly filter pathogens? This is a misunderstanding. The air filter does not directly filter viruses or bacteria. What it really filters is the transmission vector of pathogens: dust particles or other aerosols. The pathogen itself cannot be transmitted through autonomous flight, and must be attached to the medium to spread. The diameter of this medium in nature is usually 0.3 to 1 micron, so the air filter also filters the 0.3 to 1 micron particles to intercept bacteria-carrying particles.

  1. Filter efficiency of air filter

After many years of application around the world, F9 level (MERV15-16) air filters can effectively cut off the air transmission of pathogens.

The F8 filter is only used as a transitional application in a conventional low-risk environment due to its low filtration efficiency (the filtration efficiency is 20% lower than that of the F9).

The air filtration system is the last line of defense of the entire biosafety and epidemic prevention system. A 1% risk brings 100% loss, not to mention a 20% low filtration efficiency. Compared with the domestic fresh air system, the requirements for installing air filtration in pig farms are different. The domestic fresh air system is to reduce smog and formaldehyde, even if the efficiency is low, there is no danger to life, and the filter in the pig farm is to prevent virus infection. , Reduce the mortality of pigs, so the filter grade of the pig farm should be equivalent to the requirements of the infectious disease hospital. Therefore, pig farms must use high-grade filtration systems to remove pathogens such as blue ear disease and African swine fever.

  1. Material of air filter element

Different from civil, industrial or medical applications, the air volume of the breeding farm is 6-10 times that of the residential buildings of the same area. The filter system is exposed to the outdoors in a large area. The air dust content of the breeding farm is higher than that of the civil buildings, and it is exposed to sunlight and high humidity. Due to factors such as high corrosion and high corrosion, the filters on conventional civil buildings are not used well in farms, which are mainly manifested in major problems such as damage and leakage during use, excessive wind resistance affecting ventilation, and disposal of discarded filters affecting the environment.

  1. Key points of using air filtration system in pig house

Special attention should be paid to safety when replacing the filter. At least two units should be used in pig houses with integrated positive pressure air filter units to ensure the positive pressure environment in the house when the filters are replaced. The system that does not use the blower unit should have detailed filter replacement operation instructions.

When to replace the filter is also a question we must consider. Otherwise, if the filter is not replaced for a long time, the wind resistance will be too large and the ventilation will be reduced, which will cause the pigs to breathe hard, get sick and even die. The best solution is to decide whether to replace or not according to the pressure change of each layer of filter.

Many systems currently installed in pig farms do not test the static pressure difference, and can only replace the filter periodically, which will bring potential biosafety risks.

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