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The Secret of Air Filter Cleaner

Speaking of air filter cleaners, everyone is familiar with it. The most commonly seen air filter cleaner on trucks: inertial air filter cleaner, with two filter elements, one large and one small. The big one on the outside is called the “main filter element” and the smaller one on the inside is called the “safety filter element”. People have many questions about air filter cleaners.

Ⅰ. Questions about air filter Cleaners

  1. The paper filter element is only responsible for filtering 15%-20% of the dust. Where does the rest of the dust go?

The working mechanism of the inertial filter is: when the dust-containing air passes through the blade ring or the swirl tube, it will produce a vortex. Because of the inertia, the impurity particles will be thrown farther. In this way, when the particles rotate and collide with the filter housing, the speed will be reduced and deposited on the filter. The inertial pre-filter can filter out more than 80% of dust particles. The pre-filtered air is filtered by the second-stage paper filter element to ensure that the dust content of the air reaches an extremely low level.

  1. Is the filtration efficiency of the old filter element higher than that of the new filter element?

Some relevant information will remind the driver not to clean the filter too frequently. Because the initial filtration efficiency of the filter element is the lowest, generally around 99.5%; in the course of use, as the dust attached to the filter paper increases, the filtration efficiency of the filter element will continue to increase, and its filtration efficiency can be greater than or equal to 99.9%.

Ⅱ. What problems should be paid attention to in air filter cleaner maintenance?


The dust outlet position should be at the lowest part of the filter, so as to ensure that the particulate matter can be completely discharged. Working in a rainy day or an environment with high air humidity will cause the separated dust to be damp and condensed and gather at the outlet of the dust exhaust valve. You can often clean the dust exhaust port and dust exhaust channel to see if there is any unsmooth dust exhaust.


The safety filter element filter paper has high permeability, low resistance and low filtration efficiency. It is not allowed to start the engine when only the safety filter element is installed.


The order of cleaning the filter should be:

First, remove the main filter element, block both ends of the filter element with a clean cloth or rubber stopper, brush off the dust on the surface of the filter element along the crease direction with a soft brush, and gently tap the end face of the filter element to make the dust fall off. You can use 0.2-0.3MPa compressed air or blow air from the inside to the outside of the filter element to blow off the dust adhering to the outer surface of the filter element. It is forbidden to use liquid cleaning during cleaning to prevent the filter element from sticking to dust and causing the filter element to block.

Secondly, check whether the main filter element is damaged. Whether the upper and lower end surfaces are warped and uneven; check whether the rubber sealing ring of the main filter element is damaged; check whether there is dust inside the main filter element. If the above problems exist, the main filter element should be replaced immediately.

Finally, use a bright flashlight to check whether the filter element is damaged. Do not remove the safety filter element during inspection. If the safety filter element is damaged, replace it immediately. In the process of cleaning the housing of the air cleaner, wipe the inner wall of the housing with a clean cloth and check whether the dust exhaust valve can discharge dust normally.


If the air filter cleaner is cleaned frequently, the filter capacity of the filter element will not be fully utilized, which will not only increase the amount of dust entering the engine, cause abnormal wear and tear of the engine, but also cause early damage to the filter element.


When the air filter cleaner needs maintenance and the air intake resistance reaches the set value, the indicator light will light up and a maintenance signal will be issued to remind the driver that the air filter cleaner should be maintained or replaced immediately.

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