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The New Trend of Intelligent Logistics Development from Industry Conference

In recent years, with the strong support of national policies and the rapid development of various new technologies, especially under the impact of concepts such as “Internet +” and “Industry 4.0,” China’s logistics industry has ushered in tremendous changes. Logistics has become the main direction of the development of the logistics industry. More and more logistics equipment companies have begun to deploy in the field of intelligent logistics. The entire industry is showing a vibrant scene of innovation for change, and endeavouring.

Of course, behind the prosperity, we also see some negative factors, such as blind innovation, lack of planning, lack of standards, lack of flexibility, etc., which are actually detrimental to the healthy development of the industry. Then, in the current complex environment of the current international economic downturn, the intensified Sino-US trade war, and the profound impact of the new crown epidemic, where will China’s smart logistics path go? What new trends will appear in the future?

CeMAT ASIA 2020: Presenting the new trend of intelligent logistics development

From November 3 to 6, 2020, the annual Asia International Logistics Technology and Transportation System Exhibition (CeMAT Asia, referred to as “Asia Logistics Exhibition”) was grandly held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. This year’s exhibition will continue to deepen the theme of “Smart Logistics” and continue to promote logistics companies to deepen their digital transformation. More than 700 companies displayed new products and technical solutions in the fields of system integration and solutions, forklifts and accessories, conveying and sorting equipment, logistics robots, packaging equipment, lifting equipment and accessories, and trends in digitization, flexibility, and supply chain was highlighted in this exhibition.

  1. Digital transformation

Digitization is currently an important direction for the transformation and upgrading of various industries in our country, and it is also the main driving force for industrial innovation-driven development. In the process of the continuous upgrading and development of my country’s intelligent logistics, the demand for various digital and information technology is increasing, and the requirements are getting higher and higher. Facing the huge potential of the logistics market, all relevant companies have also increased their business layout. This trend is fully reflected in the 2020 CeMAT ASIA site.

At this exhibition, whether it is logistics system integrators, transportation and sorting equipment suppliers, robotics companies, or information companies, etc., digital logistics solutions are generally regarded as the focus of technological innovation, integrating AI algorithms, big data, cloud computing, 5G, Internet of Things and other technologies, to achieve continuous innovation of equipment, software, and algorithms, to increase investment especially when recognizing that software will become more and more important.

For example, at the exhibition site, Kunshan Shipbuilding intuitively demonstrated the technical superiority and product applicability of Kunshan Shipbuilding’s intelligent products in the three major business areas of intelligent manufacturing, smart logistics and intelligent equipment through the “combination of virtual and real, both software and hardware, and remote control”; Six-dimensional logistics focuses on the display of intelligent logistics full life cycle management platform. The use of this management platform will help companies establish a truly comprehensive, fully-covered, visible, controllable, and credible intelligent logistics system, and realize the visualization of cargo location management, and real-time tracking of personnel and cargo; in addition, compared with previous sessions,  the number of informatization companies in this exhibition has increased significantly. Phoenix, Siemens, Schneider, etc. have all demonstrated related intelligent logistics solutions, and the digital trend is concentrated.

  1. More Flexibility

At present, the logistics industry is facing major changes. One of the important manifestations is the development of mechanization in the direction of flexible automation. Traditional logistics operation modes have been gradually eliminated, while automated warehouses, automatic conveying systems, automatic sorting systems, and automatic handling robots (AGV) Etc. have been promoted and applied in the field of logistics. Especially the AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot), which is famous for its flexibility, shined in this exhibition. In terms of overall solutions, many robotics companies including Haikang Robotics, Jizhijia, Kuaicang, and Smart Technology have launched “shelf-to-person + cargo box-to-person” solutions, which are compared to a single “shelf-to-person” solution or “cargo to person” is more flexible. Such as the Quick Pick intelligent robot solution, by combining a more efficient, higher storage, and more stable container handling robot with a compact, lightweight, efficient and flexible carrier handling robot to achieve “dense storage + goods-to-person picking” , the best couple can effectively solve the problems of waste of customer warehouse area, low storage rate, complex order structure, inability to take care of a single type of automation equipment, and long investment return period.

  1. Layout the Supply Chain

Smart logistics not only helps to increase productivity, but also brings great changes to the current life, production, and operation methods. At present, an important direction and content of smart logistics is the gradual growth of supply chain logistics. In the future, the trend of smart logistics will show the overall interconnection of all elements of the supply chain, the reconstruction of platform business processes, the business model, and the overall upgrade of the supply chain.

In this year’s CeMAT exhibition, the exhibits and smart logistics solutions exhibited by logistics equipment-related companies have reflected their layout in the supply chain field in many aspects. For example, as the world’s leading provider of smart logistics products and solutions with AI technology as the core, Megvii’s map system, a full range of robots and smart logistics equipment were unveiled at CeMAT, fully demonstrating Megvii’s smart logistics products and solutions has attracted much attention; Honeywell also showed a variety of innovative high-tech products and solutions from data collection to intelligent warehousing systems, meeting the individual needs of the logistics and warehousing industry from multiple dimensions, and helping enterprises to digitalize the supply chain management. Chai Xiaozhou, President of the Greater China Region of Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions Group, said: “The end-to-end supply chain overall solution provided by Honeywell can help companies better integrate the upstream and downstream links of the supply chain. The solution can make it an organic whole, and realize the optimization and intelligent upgrade of the overall operation of the supply chain.”

In addition, at this CeMAT exhibition, this magazine also held the “Post-epidemic Era Shoe and Apparel Industry Supply Chain and Logistics Technology Salon” event. Participants focused on the changes in the shoe and apparel supply chain and logistics, as well as the cross-border integration and the integration of new retail. Analysis and interpretation of cross-chain operations, and introduction of unique automated and intelligent products and solutions aroused strong reactions.

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