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The Development Trend of Intelligent Logistics from Warehouse Transportation and Distribution

Intelligent logistics is a logistics business format formed after the transformation of all links of traditional logistics using digital, online, networked, and intelligent technical. Its typical characteristics are network collaboration and data intelligence.

At present, the intelligence level of China’s logistics industry is still at a relatively low level, which is far from developed countries. According to data from the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, the market size of China’s smart logistics is expected to be 585 billion yuan in 2020, with a growth rate of 20%, and the market space is huge. Let’s look at it by link:

  1. Intelligent warehousing of Intelligent Logistics

In the field of intelligent warehousing, logistics real estate, China’s high-end warehousing area has a huge gap from the United States. With the development of economy and society, logistics real estate has huge space for growth; in the field of warehousing equipment, foreign manufacturers occupy technical, quality and brand advantages. Enterprises have advantages in price and after-sales service. Compared with traditional warehousing, smart warehousing has advantages in space utilization, storage capacity, storage form, operation efficiency, cost, and environmental adaptation. The application range of smart warehousing is very broad. Customers mainly come from the fields of industrial production and manufacturing and commercial distribution. These industries have a demand for smart warehousing, which releases huge market growth space for the development of smart warehousing.

  1. Intelligent transportation of intelligent logistics

There are two main forms of intelligent transportation: vehicle-to-cargo matching, and unmanned driving. Currently, the models and applications of vehicle-to-cargo matching are relatively mature, and there is still a long way to go for the practical application of unmanned driving. The truck-to-cargo matching platform uses technical means to integrate the information of the supply and demand parties of freight services and perform precise matching, thereby optimizing the allocation of transportation resources, reducing the empty driving rate, and saving transportation costs, thereby solving the problem of information asymmetry in logistics service supply and demand.

  1. Intelligent distribution of intelligent logistics

The intelligent distribution link is mainly divided into instant distribution and unmanned distribution. The real-time distribution field has changed from high-speed growth to medium-high-speed growth. There is still a lot of room for development in the future, but the competition is very fierce. In the field of unmanned distribution, there are high requirements for application scenarios, which is far from the actual large-scale landing. There is a long distance. There are many scenarios for unmanned delivery, including express delivery, takeaway, B2C retail, supermarket convenience, fresh home delivery, restaurant/KTV delivery, and C2C delivery needs.

The integration of warehouse (transportation) and distribution is developing rapidly along with the development of e-commerce, and the future market space has great potential. The integration of warehouse (transportation) and distribution requires high input on the distribution side, and the industry has high barriers to entry. At present, mainstream e-commerce and logistics companies occupy most of the market share. Through centralized warehousing, consolidation and warehousing, capacity planning, and unified distribution, the integration of warehousing (transportation) and distribution can effectively save the logistics costs of e-commerce companies.

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