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Solutions to Dangerous Goods Logistics

In the dangerous goods logistics management process, in order to reduce the accident loss in the dangerous goods logistics process and reduce the dangerous goods logistics risks, the relevant government management departments should establish relevant management systems and measures from the perspective of social benefits, and plan and design the dangerous goods logistics network. For example, optimizing the layout of dangerous sources, restricting the routes of dangerous goods transportation, and the time of dangerous goods transportation. Try to avoid dangerous goods logistics operations in densely populated areas and time.

In the dangerous goods logistics network planned and designed by the government, the dangerous goods logistics company strengthens the operation management of dangerous goods logistics, chooses the optimized dangerous goods transportation route and operation method, and minimizes the cost of the enterprise from the perspective of economic benefits. The government and enterprises should work together to establish a dangerous goods logistics management system so that the dangerous goods logistics can not only meet the economic benefits of the enterprise, but also take into account the social benefits. Under such a system, the following corresponding countermeasures and measures should be adopted to strengthen the management of dangerous goods logistics.

Reasonably plan the layout of hazardous sources, and establish and improve relevant regulations and systems for the logistics of dangerous goods.

When planning, the government places enterprises that need to use dangerous goods in a reasonable geographical location, plans a dangerous goods transportation network with the least risk from a macro perspective, and establishes rapid emergency measures to deal with accidents quickly and reduce losses to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property. At the same time, establish a sound management of dangerous goods logistics laws and regulations, and gradually standardize the management operations of dangerous goods logistics on this basis, so that there are laws to follow and relevant industries have a set of standards that can be implemented in the management process.

With reference to the management experience of dangerous goods logistics, establish a set of scientific and standardized industry standards.

With the establishment of scientific and standardized industry standards, enterprises engaged in dangerous goods logistics can refer to this set of scientific standards to develop safe and reasonable management methods. Specifically, we can start from the following aspects: classify different dangerous goods from the perspective of logistics operations, give suitable operating environments for different classifications of dangerous goods, packaging specifications for different dangerous goods, transportation equipment requirements, etc., to reduce risks of the product in the transportation process. Practitioners engaged in dangerous goods operations shall be strictly trained according to the nature of their work, and they shall be reviewed regularly to check whether they have the qualifications of the profession.

(3) Establish a set of reasonable inspection plans and formulate relevant punishment methods

Units and enterprises engaged in dangerous goods logistics operations shall be regularly inspected and reviewed whether they are qualified to engage in dangerous goods logistics operations and whether they are operating in strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Units and enterprises that do not have the qualifications shall be investigated and punished. For those engaged in dangerous goods logistics operations, Units and enterprises that violate regulations or even laws in the course of operation shall be punished.

(4) Establish a control system for critical control points of dangerous goods logistics management

Any inspection and supervision measures have limitations. On the one hand, it is impossible to check the logistics operations of all dangerous goods at any time. On the other hand, even if there is a problem in the inspection, the hidden danger of the accident already exists, and then taking measures will inevitably increase the processing cost. Therefore, preventive measures should be taken beforehand, not just inspection and supervision afterwards. The hazard analysis and critical control point control system in food safety management is a method that can be used for reference, that is, by analyzing the hazards and performance characteristics that may occur in the logistics link of dangerous goods, formulating corrective measures for the occurrence of hazards, reducing the occurrence of hazards, and ensuring dangerous goods The safety of logistics operations.

(5) A specialized logistics company is responsible for the logistics of dangerous goods

The development of modern logistics theory and technology provides a foundation for dangerous goods logistics management. The use of third-party logistics theory to integrate dangerous goods logistics enterprises, and professional logistics companies are responsible for dangerous goods logistics operation management. On the one hand, it can change the current number of dangerous goods logistics enterprises. The pattern of multiple, small scale and low technical content improves the integration of dangerous goods logistics and improves the economic benefits of enterprises. On the other hand, it also provides a basis for the government to supervise dangerous goods logistics and ensure the safety of dangerous goods logistics. At the same time, modern logistics technologies such as radio frequency technology (RFID), satellite positioning technology (GPS), and geographic information system (GIS) provide technical support for the tracking, monitoring, and management of the logistics process of dangerous goods, and for emergency management after an accident.

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