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Research on the Informatization Development of Intelligent Logistics and Warehousing in the 5g Era

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, modern communication transmission technology has also been greatly improved. Thanks to the leap of communication technology from 4G to 5G, the utilization rate of spectrum has been greatly improved, and the intelligent logistics warehousing system has also been greatly completed. This article first gives a brief overview of 5G technology and smart logistics warehousing related. Secondly, it analyzes the advantages of 5G network in the development of smart logistics warehousing informatization. Finally, it conducts research on the development direction of smart logistics warehousing informatization in the 5G era. .

  1. Introduction of Intelligent Logistics

The 5G era brings not only faster network transmission and more convenient wireless communication, more importantly, 5G technology brings opportunities to realize ideas for artificial intelligence technology. In the 4G era, the intelligent logistics warehousing system is difficult to implement due to the limitation of spectrum utilization. With the advent of the 5G era, the intelligent logistics warehousing system based on the Internet of Things can be implemented practically and promote the innovation of the entire logistics warehousing industry.

  1. Overview of 5G Technology and Intelligent Logistics Warehousing

At present, 5G technology is the focus of global attention. Countries are vigorously experimenting with the application of 5G technology, and the United States has even begun to study 6G technology. Compared with traditional communication technology, 5G technology will further enhance the user experience, and has the characteristics of wide coverage, low latency, and high security. From the perspective of intelligent transformation of the logistics industry, 5G technology has high data transmission speed, strong network ubiquity, high transmission security performance, low power consumption and transmission delay, large terminal access, network slicing and mobile edge computing features and other advantages.

The logistics changes brought about by the Internet of Things under 5G technology are far beyond current imagination. In the logistics industry, 5G networks will combine modern hot-spot technologies to reduce social logistics costs, such as combining MEC to help optimize logistics business, and working with IOT to promote a high degree of logistics interconnection, and cloud computing technology to achieve the integration of warehouse, transportation and distribution, etc., to comprehensively and efficiently promote the development of our country’s logistics.

  1. The Advantages of 5G Network in the Development of Intelligent Logistics Warehousing Informatization

The 5G network will penetrate into all areas of society in the future and become a strategic goal. The key lies in its five major advantages: low transmission delay, high transmission security, high data transmission speed, massive accessibility, and low power consumption. It is these advantages that enable 5G networks to continuously promote the development of the smart logistics industry.

  1. Conclusion

In summary, under the background of the rapid development of modern technology, the emergence of 5G network communication technology has largely revolutionized the intelligent logistics warehousing system. In the process of the information development of the intelligent logistics warehousing system, the 5G network communication foundation relies on the outstanding advantage occupies an extremely important position. Under the background of the 5G era, the future of intelligent logistics warehousing systems will be further informatized, intelligent, and automated, which has become an inevitable trend for intelligent logistics warehousing systems.

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