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New Trend of Intelligent Logistics Market

China’s intelligent logistics system market is in a stage of rapid development. Especially in the past ten years, the rapid growth of e-commerce express delivery has promoted the rapid development of logistics technology. China has completed the development of warehouse automation in developed countries in Europe and the United States for decades, and the gap in level is gradually narrowing. In the field of AGV and logistics robots, domestic manufacturers already possess considerable international competitiveness.

China’s intelligent logistics market demand has highlighted major trends in recent years:

  1. Customers are becoming more rational

With the increasing popularity of logistics technology and supply chain management, customers are becoming more and more clear, knowing where their needs are and what equipment is suitable for them.

  1. The trend of flexibility in the logistics system

The market that customers face is changing faster and faster, in order to cope with the uncertainty of market changes, customers need a more flexible logistics system.

  1. The trend of human-machine collaboration

Manpower input is less and less, human-machine collaboration not only solves the problem of rising labor costs, but more importantly, it improves operation and management efficiency. The technology that adapts to AI and big data will eventually evolve to digitization and deploy ahead of schedule; use machines to release human productivity, so that humans can invest in more valuable work, instead of being trapped in a harsh working environment to do repetitive work. This is the future trends worth of corporate’s attention.

4. The trend of large-scale projects

Whether it is warehouse area, material specifications and storage volume, or the number of orders processed, the order of magnitude is becoming more and more large in scale.

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