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Intelligent Logistics Promotes Smart Manufacturing

As the global economy enters the era of supply chains, competition among large enterprises has begun to evolve into competition among supply chains. In the big environment of intelligent manufacturing, building a smart and efficient supply chain is the advantage and key to enterprise progress.

In recent years, driven by the wave of “Industry 4.0” and “Made in China 2025”, intelligent manufacturing has become the breakthrough and main direction of manufacturing innovation and upgrading. As production, logistics, information and other elements continue to become more intelligent, the entire manufacturing supply chain is also moving in a more intelligent direction, becoming an important engine for manufacturing companies to realize intelligent manufacturing, and supporting companies to build core competitiveness.

According to the domestic development momentum, intelligent manufacturing is inseparable from the development of new technologies and new models of the supply chain. The construction of a intelligent supply chain system for domestic key industries and the construction of a smart logistics system are the top priorities. The creation of a smart supply chain system will bring earth-shaking changes to the manufacturing industry.

In addition to e-commerce logistics, if you start from the understanding of internal logistics, a company can be seen from the entire process of purchasing production materials, processing production, and then storage of finished products, processing of finished products to sales and delivery. Intelligent logistics is the intelligent management of this process. Its essence is a transformation of production methods, which means that all links in logistics are reshaped with intelligent technology.

In the era of intelligent manufacturing, compared with traditional supply chains, intelligent supply chains have more market elements, technical elements and service elements. With the development of intelligent manufacturing and information technology, the supply chain has entered a new stage of intelligent supply chain deep integration with the Internet of Things, which will fundamentally change the operating mode of manufacturing enterprises and promote the restructuring and iteration of the entire manufacturing industry.

  1. Digitalization of the Whole Process Creates a Path for Intelligent Manufacturing

In the framework of intelligent manufacturing, the intelligent logistics system can intelligently connect all the logistics processes inside and outside the manufacturing enterprise, and realize the fully transparent real-time control of the logistics network. The key to achieving this goal is digitization. Only by digitizing the whole process can the logistics system have intelligent functions.

  1. Intelligent Logistics System Meets the Needs of Flexible Production

In the field of intelligent manufacturing, there is a big demand for “mass production customization”, that is, customers decide what to produce and how much to produce. Customer demand is highly personalized, product production cycle requirements are continuously shortened, and production rhythm is constantly accelerating. These problems are challenges that must be met for intelligent logistics systems. Therefore, the intelligent logistics system needs to ensure the highly flexible production of manufacturing enterprises, and flexibly adjust production according to the changes in the market and the individual needs of consumers, to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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