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Intelligent Logistics is the Key to Realize Intelligent Manufacturing

In recent years, under the impetus of national policies and the rapid development of various technologies, especially the changes in business models brought about by the Internet, the changes in the production and manufacturing modes of enterprises have accelerated. More and more Chinese manufacturing companies are actively engaged in transformation and exploration toward intelligent manufacturing. In this process, manufacturing companies face great challenges in management, technology, and talents, especially logistics difficulties, requiring companies to recognize the problems, find the right solutions, and orderly promote smart logistics improvements.

From a global perspective, manufacturing logistics in the developed Occident countries started early and developed maturely. It is still the benchmark for logistics management, logistics systems and logistics equipment in the world. China’s manufacturing logistics started late but has developed rapidly in the past ten years. With the continuous improvement of China’s equipment manufacturing level in recent years, coupled with the guidance of national policies, the logistics of China’s manufacturing enterprises have developed rapidly. At the same time, the economic environment and the pressure of industry competition have also prompted manufacturing companies to form demands and motivations for the development of high-end and intelligent logistics. In the future, China’s manufacturing logistics must be based on the construction of a standard logistics system, and will develop toward high-end, intelligent, integrated, and global trends.

The intelligent logistics system realizes the circulation of materials between production processes and supports the efficient operation of intelligent manufacturing systems-intelligent logistics is the core and key to realize intelligent manufacturing.

  1. the Application of Intelligent Logistics in the External Supply Chain of Enterprises

In the external supply chain of manufacturing enterprises, the key to linking up the various nodes of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and end users is logistics; the emergence of intelligent logistics makes the supply chain more efficient and transparent.

  1. The Application of Intelligent Logistics in the Internal Supply Chain of Enterprises

The internal manufacturing of the enterprise is composed of production technology and production logistics. The logistics system effectively connects the various processing procedures of the entire factory. The intelligent logistics system is based on the Internet of Things, using radio frequency identification (RFID), photoelectric sensors, infrared sensors, laser scanners, machine vision recognition and other information sensing equipment to connect the processed objects to the Internet to realize intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics effective integration. Therefore, intelligent logistics is not only an important link connecting material supply and production, but also the cornerstone of building a smart factory.

  1. Integrated Application of Intelligent Manufacturing and  Intelligent Logistics

The intelligent logistics system effectively connects the intelligent identification equipment (such as RFID, sensors, etc.), intelligent logistics equipment, and information control system (such as MES, etc.) in the factory to be applied to all operations from procurement, production, warehousing to delivery. Therefore, the intelligent logistics system is an important support for intelligent manufacturing enterprises to improve the production efficiency, order delivery capacity, and inventory turnover level of the three key indicators of intelligent manufacturing. It is also the core of ensuring product quality and enhancing the competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises.

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