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How to Keep GMP Pharma Clean Room Clean

  1. GMP pharma clean room is at the core of pharmaceutical factory production

The GMP pharma clean room is at the core of the production of the pharmaceutical factory, and its cleaning effect directly affects the quality of the medicine. If the environment of the clean room is polluted, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of medicines. Such medicines will delay or aggravate the patient’s condition and bring huge physical harm to the patient and adverse social effects. Therefore, it is a pharmaceutical company to ensure the cleanliness of the pharma clean room. For example, biological products are part of the pharmaceutical industry and have high cleanliness requirements for production plants. In the commercial Lactobacillus acidophilus products, artificially contaminated Lactobacillus brevis, Lactobacillus fermentum and Lactobacillus plantarum were isolated. In the production of biological products, especially the production of live bacteria and live vaccines, they are often polluted to varying degrees. Therefore, it is not only necessary to pay attention to the establishment of clean rooms, but also to quality control methods and standards.

Pharmaceuticals are an important industry related to people’s livelihood. It is the unshirkable responsibility of every pharmaceutical company to improve the quality of pharmaceuticals, and it is worth paying close attention to pharmaceutical companies to enhance the cleanliness of the clean room. Taking the pharmaceutical industry clean clothing as an example, it seems simple, but it is of great importance. Because the dander of the human body will also cause drug pollution. The work clothes of the clean room are designed to limit the particles of the staff to the minimum range, and the clean clothes must be clean fabrics with less dust.

The cleanliness of the clean room is directly related to the quality of the product workshop, so when cleaning the clean room, dust-free workshop, and purification workshop, the family must consider many aspects. Pharmaceutical companies need to strictly strengthen personnel management, strictly control the flow of people and logistics, and rationally arrange space and area to ensure the cleanliness of the pharmaceutical clean room.

  1. Improving the technical level of the equipment is also a powerful aspect to ensure the GMP pharma clean room

In addition, improving the technical level of the equipment is also a powerful aspect to ensure the GMP pharmaceutical clean room. It is reported that the material, processing accuracy, airtightness and management system of clean room equipment are all related to cross-contamination. Therefore, improving the automation level of the equipment to reduce the number of operators is a necessary measure to prevent cross-contamination. Some people in the industry said that the aseptic isolation system is completely sealed to control and process pharmaceuticals and biological products into a sterile state. The use of isolation operation technology can prevent the product from being contaminated to the greatest extent, protect the safety of the operator, and avoid injury from toxic substances.

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