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Does the Air Filter Cleaner Affect the Car Engine?

Do you know that the air filter is directly related to the air intake problem of the engine when the car is running? I think many people don’t know it very well. In fact, the car only drives in the city, and the air filter will not be clogged, but if the car is driving on a dusty road, you need to pay special attention to the cleaning of the air filter cleaner.

Air filter cleaners are mainly used in the fields of pneumatic machinery, internal combustion engines, etc., and their role is to provide clean air for these mechanical equipment to prevent these mechanical equipment from inhaling air with impurity particles during work and increasing the probability of abrasion and damage. It is a device for removing particulate impurities in the air. When piston machinery (internal combustion engine, reciprocating compressor, etc.) is working, if the inhaled air contains dust and other impurities, it will aggravate the wear of the parts, so an air filter cleaner must be installed.

If the air filter cleaner is clogged or too much dust accumulates, the engine intake will not be smooth, and a large amount of dust enters the cylinder, which will speed up the cylinder carbon deposit speed, make the engine poorly ignite and lack of power, and the fuel consumption of the vehicle will naturally be affected. Elevated. If driving on a normal city road, the air filter cleaner should be inspected when the car is traveling 5,000 kilometers. If there is too much dust on the filter, you can consider blowing compressed air from the inside of the filter element to blow away the dust. However, the pressure of the compressed air should not be too high to prevent the filter paper from being damaged. Note that water or oil must not be used when cleaning the air filter cleaner to prevent oil and water from infiltrating the filter element.

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