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Application of Ultra Filtration System in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The working principle of ultrafiltration (UF) is that the solution flows in a direction parallel to the membrane. Under the pressure of the membrane, molecules smaller than the membrane pores permeate the membrane and become permeate. The molecules larger than the membrane pores are retained and then become a concentrate. According to the actual function, our needs can be concentrated liquid or permeate. Compared with the traditional cartridge filtration, the solution continuously washes the surface of the membrane, which can make full use of the filtration area of the membrane package, thereby improving the filtration efficiency.

  1. The main application scenarios of ultra filtration systems

Ultra filtration systems are increasingly used in the pharmaceutical industry, and the main application scenarios are:

Concentration: biological macromolecules (recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, viruses, etc.)

Dialysis, desalination, buffer replacement


Isolation and Purification

  1. Several key points in the entire ultra filtration system

In the entire ultra filtration system, there are several key points: power source, fixture, membrane package, etc.

The power source can be selected: centrifugal pump, peristaltic pump, lobe rotor pump, plunger diaphragm pump. Various power sources are suitable for different application scenarios, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and needs to be selected under different working conditions. For example, protein products are more sensitive to shear force, that is, the process requires a power source with low pulse and as low shear force as possible. It is recommended to use a quaternary plunger diaphragm pump. There are 4 diaphragm diaphragms in this pump structure. In order to counteract the pulse, the four diaphragms are superimposed with a 90° phase difference to eliminate most of the pulses and reduce the shearing force.

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