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Application of Intelligent Logistics System in Cement Enterprise

Cement, sand, aggregate, and other industries occupy an important position in the economy. The transformation needs of traditional cement, sand, aggregate, and aggregate industries are also particularly urgent. Intelligent manufacturing has become an important breakthrough and main direction of enterprise intelligent innovation and upgrading.

Nowadays, the procurement, sales, production and other factors of cement enterprises are becoming more intelligent, and the entire enterprise logistics is also moving in a more intelligent direction, becoming an important engine for enterprises to realize smart factories and supporting enterprises to build core competitiveness. The essence of intelligent logistics system combined with modular and automated management is to reduce costs and increase efficiency. It is the need for the intelligent development of the cement industry, and it is also the actual demand for enterprises to respond to the current market environment, strengthen cost control capabilities, and improve operating efficiency.

Cement enterprise plant logistics mainly involves raw materials entering the plant, sales and delivery (bag cement, bulk cement, clinker), internal allocation, and other metering operations. There are loopholes in vehicle loading, unloading and queuing in the logistics management of the traditional cement industry.

Intelligent logistics system

The intelligent logistics system sets the card swiping order of each post according to the order of the delivery process. It cannot be reversed or separated. Only the previous link can be operated correctly and the next step can be operated. It not only standardizes the process, but also supervises and restricts each post Features. The integration of various subsystems simplifies the delivery process, optimizes logistics services, reduces manual operations, and improves delivery efficiency and work efficiency.

1.1 System scheme design

In the overall strategy, all sales and purchase contracts, collections, credit data and other services are still carried out in the ERP system. Billing and card making, vehicle scheduling, barrier control, weighing measurement, bag counting, bulk control, operations of on-site unloading are all completed in the intelligent logistics system, but real-time business integration and seamless connection with the ERP system are carried out.

1.2 System structure

The system software adopts the current mainstream mature client/server architecture and modular design. Modifications and updates to system functions are only for the main module, and do not affect the operation of other functions of the system, and the structure is clear and reasonable. The print service module, language service module, WeChat service module, etc. do not affect each other.

The server middleware program connects various functional modules like a bridge, and is responsible for data exchange and storage between the local SQLSERVER database and the database, seamlessly docking with the ERP system, and is controlled by the ERP system. It can obtain order information and material type information from the ERP system, and return the weighing data information to the ERP system.

The ultimate goal of logistics information construction in the cement industry in the future will be unattended throughout the entire process and realize “all-in-one card” management, that is, through comprehensive management of access control, floor scales, loading, and shipping, it uses software technology to form an automatic delivery system. It also provides decision-making support for the production and management of enterprises, and helps enterprises to maximize their competitive potential.

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