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A Trillion Market for Intelligent Logistics is Waiting to Be Opened

With the large-scale application of the Internet and big data, China’s logistics industry is also undergoing changes. Under the wave of the sharing economy, intelligent logistics is expected to usher in explosive growth.

According to statistics, the scale of the intelligent logistics market has reached 200 billion yuan in 2016, and it is expected to exceed one trillion yuan by 2025.

At present, compared with advanced foreign logistics enterprises, China’s logistics enterprises are far behind in terms of hard technology and soft technology. Data show that in 2016, the total logistics cost of China’s society as a percentage of GDP fell to 14.9%, but it was still about twice as high as that of developed countries.

Under the wave of the sharing economy, the intelligent transformation of the logistics industry is quietly taking place, and “Internet + logistics” has become a new trend in the industry. By optimizing vehicle routes, outlet layout and vehicle supply space, “Internet + logistics” reduces the occurrence of asymmetry of supply and demand information, allowing goods to find idle capacity.

Some people in the industry believe that intelligent logistics is still in the early stage of development in China, and the market space is relatively large. At present, manufacturers should seize the opportunity to break through technological bottlenecks and upgrade from simple equipment production to overall solution providers.

1.Accelerated influx of Intelligent logistics capital

Behind the rapid development of intelligent logistics is the successive release of favorable policies.

In July 2016, the “Internet +” high-efficiency logistics strategy received important advances, and intelligent logistics, marked by modern information technology, became the first mover in the supply-side structural reform of the logistics industry. With the rapid development of e-commerce logistics, the historical record of the logistics industry is constantly being refreshed, new business models and formats are emerging one after another, and intelligent logistics has entered a period of rapid development.

At the same time, measures to further reduce logistics costs have also received policy support. It has become a policy consensus to promote the innovation of the “Internet + transportation” model with the help of new Internet technologies and accelerate the integration of the old and new forms of various transportation modes.

The continuous emergence of favorable policies has allowed capital to smell business opportunities: SF Express, JD.com and other giants have deployed drone logistics; JD’s delivery robots successfully delivered express delivery to customers; Ali launched a smart logistics vehicle program code-named “ACE”, with the goal of Promote 1 million new energy smart logistics vehicles…

  1. How to achieve overtaking in a curve in intelligent logistics?

Despite the broad market prospects, the development of China’s smart logistics still faces many bottlenecks.

The “China Smart Logistics Big Data Development Report” shows that China’s logistics business is relatively well digitized, but the cross-border logistics detailed data completeness index is only 13.5; the data infrastructure is still in its infancy, with an index value of 18.8; logistics coordination It is in the middle of rapid development, but the end-to-end synergy rate in December 2016 was only 9.4, reflecting that end-to-end synergy is still a bottleneck in the industry.

The construction of intelligent logistics infrastructure, the basic status of the transportation infrastructure network, the operation of vehicles, and the collection of information on the dynamics of transportation organizations still need to continue to be improved. Only in this way can a dynamic perception, comprehensive coverage, and interconnected transportation operation system be formed.

On the other hand, the entry barrier for smart logistics is still relatively high. For example, there are certain thresholds for the collection of big data.

Some people in the industry believe that the key to promoting the development of smart logistics is to promote industry standardization, including the standardization of the integrity system and the standardization of operations. If smart logistics is built into a standardized industry through data-driven and user-scale effects, there is hope for overtaking in corners.

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