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Walkthrough: To start go speak to the Wise Old Man

New spells: This can be simple, either a new rune above blood dropped only by slayer monsters. Magics very own abby whip or black bow. In case this may hit 40s individuals would use it. Another one I thought would be fine is a spell which uses all 4 ancients at the RS gold same time. Poisons, weakens, saps and freezes. It would need balancing but could do the job. If you guys enjoy this I shall detail this one. Subtly change ancients: This is simple, alter ancients a little. This is a simple one to change the mages battle magical. The changes would be easy, adding on to ancients.

The Elite Explorer Quest.

Walkthrough: To start go speak to the Wise Old Man, who resides in a house in Draynor. Talk to him about his explorations and he will show you a special cape that only Elite Explorers can have. He’ll state to make the cape, you must do some certain requirements; Retrieve a Ghast in a jar from Mortyania. Slay a mighty demon. Locate and retrieve a southeasterly wind. Mine from the very core of this Gielenor. Travel to an opposite measurement.

He’ll say once you finish this quest, he will reward you handsomly. Thus, you venture out with this quest. The very first on the list would be to retrieve a Ghast. Talk to Drezel about capturing Ghasts. He will say it’s near impossible, but with the right spell and potion, you can grab one. He’ll say to mix a Fire Berry (a rare berry found in lava) plus some Blemish Snail Slime from the Heroes’ Quest. Then hold the jar open and talk the words’Deom formnai sylimairel esintry!’ . Once you do this, you’ll have a Ghast in a Bottle. But be careful–if you don’t get it to the Wise Old Man within 90 minutes, then it is going to escape and take its’ revenge on you! To locate the demon, you have to find Glough, in the Grand Tree. He will say he left ANOTHER demon, a more powerful one, but doesn’t know where it is. What you don’t know is that you need to walk to Eagle’s Peak and you will find it in a secret cave. You will slay it and select up its head. Bring this into the Wise Old Man within 180 seconds or it will desinigrate!

Then, you must capture a wind. This sounds impossible, but actually functions. Talk to the Archaeologist out of Desert Treasure. He will be pleased to help. He will provide you a slate using a seemingly unreadable spell. Take this to the man at the Varrock Museum and he will say it signifies’Ay Masnay Formoasay Beatleay’. Use this using a Bottle and you’ll get an Enchanted Bottle. Proceed to the desert and once you walk in, a breeze will fill your jar. Bring it into the Wise Old Man within 120 seconds or it’s going to be published.

The mighty experience makes his method to the closest fairy ring and dials up Yu’Biusk. After in Yu’Biusk the adventure makes his/her means to the sarcophagus, and trys to start it. This triggers a cut scean in which we see a ghostly form of Zanik reaching out and OSRS buy gold calling that your personality’s name, you reach out to Zanik, but your hand passes right through her and she mumbles something about early magick of the fairies until she awakens.

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