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Increase the Chances of Getting Loyal Customers through Paperboard Box

For over 20 years, GH Pack,packaging supply shop, has become one of the experts in packaging box manufacturing business. We specialize in designing, printing and manufacturing a wide range of rigid box, luxury gift box, paper box, Kraft box, paper bag and corrugated box. In addition to the paper packaging, GH Pack provides plastic box, plastic sheet, thermoforming, etc. With years of experience and continuing investment in technology, we are proud to be your reliable the paper packaging company.

GH Pack serves our customers on a global basis while achieving domestic market growth by offering superior quality, innovative design and exceptional value. Our packaging boxes covers various categories of merchandise, such as luxury gift box, beauty box, retail box, food and drink box, electronics and accessory box, etc.

  1. The widespread use of paperboard box

Using paperboard box to wrap is a quite common packaging method, which can be seen in various industries. So, what merits make it very popular?

  1. The advantages of packaging with paperboard box

1) It’s greener and more environmentally-friendly, able to relief the pollution of environment.

In the past, plastic packages were used frequently. However, with the enhancement of people’s environmental awareness, the plastic packages are out from the packaging field. It’s better for the environment to use paperboard box to replace plastic package.

2) It can be recycled and can reduce costs.

The recycling rate of plastic package is very low, and many people discard them after using, which not only damages the environment, but also increases costs, while paperboard box can be recycled. Even though they are out of use, they are recyclable, so the cost is relatively low.

3) It’s easy to use and can protect commodities more effectively, making people’s life more convenient. Paperboard boxes wholesale would be cost-effective.

In a word, there are many advantages of using paperboard box. If you want to purchase or print such paperboard box, please contact GANGHUA PACKAGE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, and we will serve you sincerely!


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