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Lifeasible Updated Its Animal Metabolomics Analysis Service

Lifeasible, a worldwide leader in the supply of agro-related products and services, recently updated its animal metabolomics analysis service, using the latest technologies and novel methods.


Metabolomics is an effective method to identify and quantify small molecule metabolites (metabolome) present in biological systems (cells, tissues, organs, biological fluids, or organisms) at specific time points. The metabolome is dynamic, changing from the second to the second; therefore, metabolomics can study the dynamic metabolic changes that occur in living systems in response to genetic modifications or physiopathological stimuli.


Now, Lifeasible provides metabolomics analysis for both plant and animal. Analytical services are available both for untargeted and untargeted metabolomics.


Untargeted Metabolomics Analysis in Animal

Lifeasible, as a leading biotechnology company, offers high-quality untargeted metabolomics analysis service in animal. It leverages its experience, expertise, and technologies to advance the forefront of untargeted metabolomics analysis in animal.


Targeted Metabolomics Analysis in Animal

Lifeasible has developed state-of-the-art platforms for targeted metabolomics analysis in animal. Its targeted metabolomics platforms have characteristics of high accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity. The company has robust and comprehensive capabilities for both targeted metabolomic pathways and targeted metabolites.


State-of-art technologies are utilized at Lifeasible for the analysis including Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS), Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS), and Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). Featuring: one-stop services from sample collection, sample preparation, data acquisition to data analysis and interpretation; short turnaround time; competitive price; and high accuracy, specificity and sensitivity, animal metabolomics analysis services at Lifeasible are designed to meet the diverse requirement of its customers and to guarantee the success of each project.


“With years of experience in biochemistry and statistics analysis, we offer one-stop services for animal metabolomics analysis service. Our experts are skillfully in a variety of software packages for the analysis of metabolomics data.” Commented one of the representative speakers from Lifeasible.


To know more detailed information about the service, please visit https://www.lifeasible.com/custom-solutions/animal/animal-metabolomics-analysis/.

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