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SAE J1772 EV Charging

“American Standard” refers to the SAE J1772 standard. SAE J1772 is just a general term. It includes four subdivision standards and three different charging interface models. Among them, the AC charging standard and the DC charging standard are divided into level 1 and level 2 specifications, which are mainly different in output power.

Charge coupler compliant USA SAE J1772™ specifications

Design for AC Level 2 charging standard and backward compatible of AC Level 1, 120V, and 16A.

Onitl Cable Technology Corporates its charging cable business for AG ELECTRICAL EV charging systems globally to offer various products that meet customers’ needs. AG ELECTRICAL has the capabilities to provide high-quality EV car charging cable/car charging connectors and ideal custom solutions whether you are planning for an EV charging solutions.

SAE J1772 EV Charging Product List

SAE Type 1 Charging Cable

SAE Type 1 Charging Cable is able to install in no matter indoor or outdoor according to actual demand. Firmly locking the charger on the installation backplane can prevent theft.

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SAE EV Portable Charger Type 1 Mode 2

Special inner water-resistant safety performance, protection grade performed IP55 (working condition). The shell can correctly insulate water from physique and beautify the protection degree even in horrific climate or one of a kind circumstances.

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EV Charging Adapter TYPE1 TO GBT

EV Charging Adapter TYPE1 TO GBT cable acquires all safety and production certificates

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SAE EV Charging Socket

Conform to the provisions and necessities of SAE J1772-2012 Socket, It can be used to all American preferred electric powered car charging guns.

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SAE Dummy Socket

The major function of SAE Dummy socket is to organize type 1 connectors and cables in a limited space. It will facilitate 5m, 8m even longer cable organizing.

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Charge Method Nominal Supply Voltage (Volt) Maximum Current (Amps-continuous) Branch Circuit Breaker rating (Amps)
AC LEVEL1 120V AC, One Phase 12A 15A (Minimum)
120V AC, One Phase 16A 20A
AC LEVEL2 208-240V AC, One Phase ≤80A Per NEC 625








SAE J1772 Type1 Connectors

The type 1 sae j1772 connector/inlet pair is broadly used in the U.S and Japan as the U.S. and Japan do not have three phase power grid. This standard is limited to single-phase and lower power output than Type 2. It also notes that for Type 1, most of the charging cable is permanently fixed to the charging station/pile.

AG ELECTRICAL, as a participant of EV Industry, would like to be the pioneer of EV industry to make the earth a better planet for human beings.

AG ELECTRICAL EV Charging Cable Type1  conforms to SAE J1772

AG ELECTRICAL With the help of experienced cable specialist from Onitl Cable Technology Corp, AG ELECTRICAL has strong confidence on the product line of EV Connectors for type1 EV Charging Cable from quality perspective.

We have received continuous positive feedback of TYPE1 EV Charging Cable from our customers. With the vision to future, we would like to be the pioneer of EV industry to make the earth a better planet for humanbeings.

AG ELECTRICAL is a professional electric vehicle charging companies. We provide GB/T EV Charging Cable, GB/T Portable EV Charger, sae j1772 cable, j1772 charging cable, chademo j1772, port j1772, sae j1772 type 2, j1772 fast charge and so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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