When your target moves from 1 area to another you’d find a message telling you that you aim has transferred to whichever area it’s that they transferred to. Bounty loacate would still work with this particular system because teleports you within a certain distance of them. Perhaps they wouldnt have to get rid of the caves maybe we could use both? Give us the choice BUT if we get both then using the complete wilderness would have to OSRS Accounts be members since it is quite a big extra.

And yet another thing to add could be veiw orbs these would function simliar to those at clan wars besides they could show where your goal is. These wouldnt work if you’d only used the bounty find spell as this would give too much advantage. Please dont flame me concerning this subject. Constuctive critisism is great as long as it is in fact consturctive.

My combat level is 30, so I must use the low level crater, which will be battle levels 3-55. But in there, it is WAY too hazardous. Why? Well if you went to the minimal level crater, you may see that most of the individuals are level 50+. Now, the thing is: people remain level 55 on purpose simply to get an edge to kill everyone.However, this is no standard snow from Brudnt The Chieftan out of Relekka (in which you get it done ). It Has to Be burnt with Superglass Make in the Lunar spellbook. Use it and it will turn to ice, then to snow , then to water. Bring this to the Wise Old Man with no time limit.

To mine in the core, you require special equipment. Go into Professor Oddenstien and he’ll say that Cheap RuneScape Gold he and Ava have been working together to create a Heat Suit, which will safeguard you from extraordinary heat. He’ll say a hidden ladder near him leads into the core, but he is not telling where. Proceed around and you’ll discover it. Mine in the firey core and bring back Hot Rocks to the Wise Old Man within 60 seconds, or they will chill.

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