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What are Nonionic Surfactants?

Surfactants are composed of a hydrophilic group and a hydrophobic group. Unlike ionic surfactants, the hydrophilic groups of nonionic surfactants are not charged. Instead, their water-solubility is due to their covalently bonded oxygen-containing hydrophilic groups. The lack of charge contributes to a milder property, which makes nonionic surfactants suitable for use in personal care, home and agrochemical products.


Properties of Nonionic surfactants:


  1. Decrease surface/ interfacial tensions


  1. High stability, less sensitive to electrolytes


  1. Less sensitive to hard water, e.g., water containing Mg2+, Ca2+


  1. Less sensitive to acidity or alkalinity


  1. Nonionic surfactantis compatible with other types of surfactants


  1. Soluble in water or organic solvents


  1. Most surfactants are in liquid or thick liquid form, ease of use


Common types of nonionic surfactants:


  • Ethoxylated fatty acids


  • Alkoxylated fatty acids


  • Ethoxylated amines


  • Ethoxylated alcohol


  • Alkyl ethoxylates


  • Nonyl-phenol ethoxylates


  • Ethoxylated sorbitan esters


  • Castor oil ethoxylates


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