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EV Charging Solution

AG ELECTRICAL is proud to be the leading Factory Supplier in China in EV Industry. We can satisfy customers’ variety of demands with AG FAST RESPONSE, AG FLEXIBILITY, and AG RELIABILITY.

That means “Customer First“ is the core value in our pre-sales and after-sales process. AG ELECTRICAL respects any customers and looking for long term world-wide partnership.

AG ELECTRICAL EV Charging products make everything easier for customer to use.

Special internal waterproof treatment and TPU cable material, conforming to the latest IEC standards, lighter and thinner, longer durability, low temperature resistance, can give customers a better usage experience.


 IEC 62196-2 EV ChargingIEC 62196-2 EV Charging

IEC 62196-2 (Type 2) products is more and more popular in Europe. AG Electrical has researched and developed IEC 62196 TYPE 2 series products (type2 16A / 32A AC) according to the market demand. We can offer personalized service for different customers.

AG Electrical IEC 62196 TYPE 2 is compatible with European Standard (IEC 62196-1. IEC 62196-2 TYPE2) charging pile, electric vehicles and charging stations with AG FLEXIBILITY.

ODM/OEM is accepted as AG ELECTRICAL is professional with strong technique support.

We have received continuous positive feedback from our clients since AG ELECTRICAL delivered products to the European Market. “No compromise on quality” is always the quote for every AG team members.

IEC Dummy Socket

EV Portable Charger Type 2 Mode 2

EV Charging Cable Type 2

TYPE2 AC EV Charging Socket

TYPE2-TYPE2 Charging Mode3

TYPE2-TYPE1 Charging Mode3

TYPE2-GBT Charging Mode3 Cable

TYPE2-TYPE1 Adaptor Charging Mode3

TYPE2-TYPE2 Spiral Charging Mode3

 GB/T EV ChargingGB/T EV Charging

AG ELECTRICAL is one of the top electric vehicle charging companies, our GBT EV Charging products are sold to many countries all over the world. Our GBT EV Charging Components can meet the needs of different customers in different areas to the maximum extent. For example,  AG ELECTRICAL can provide open-end GBT electric vehicle charging cable typesthat can meet the needs of charging pile hardware companies and requirements from retailers as they have a different market target.

GB/T EV Charging Cable

GB/T Portable EV Charger

GB/T EV Electronic Lock

GB/T EV DC Charging Socket

GB/T-GB/T Charging Mode3 Cable

GB/T EV DC Charging

GB/T EV AC Charging Socket

 SAE J1772 EV ChargingSAE J1772 EV Charging

SAE J1772 describes the physical and electrical characteristics of the connector and vehicle input interface in detail for most American customers. This standard allows vehicles to be charged at 120 and 240V using connectors of standard size and function, which not only facilitates consumers, but also relieves a variety of troubles. SAE J1772 components developed by AG ElECTRICAL are now available to all customers.

SAE Type 1 Charging Cable

SAE EV Portable Charger Type 1 Mode 2

EV Charging Adapter TYPE1 TO GBT

SAE EV Charging Socket

SAE Dummy Socket

 CHAdeMO Pug/ConnectorCHAdeMO Pug/Connector

DC Charger Coupler Connector

AG ELECTRICAL Provides OEM & ODM Service

EV Charging Solution

With rapidly growing of EV charging pile installation, more and more people and companies choose AG ELECTRICAL EV charging products.

What Can We do?


From Concept Design to MP(Mass Production)

As experienced team, we are capable of design and manufacture EV Components with strict quality control system from raw material to finished works.

AG ev charging solutions ltd is a professional ev charging infrastructure companies. We provide GB/T EV Charging Cable, GB/T Portable EV Charger, ev cord, car charging connectors, long ev charging cable and so on. Want to know about car charger connector types, car charging cable types and types of ev charging connectors? Please contact us.


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