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Sprinkler irrigation system: suitable for hilly land, slope land, and grassy orchards. There are two types of sprinkler irrigation system: fixed or mobile. The height of the sprinklers can be on the top of the tree crown, in the center of the tree crown, and around the trunk. The advantage of this method is that it saves water and labor. In addition to irrigation, it can be used for water spraying, hormone spraying and fertilizing, and can prevent frost in spring and high temperature in summer.

Drip irrigation system: is a newest water-saving irrigation method worthy of promotion. Drip irrigation system can provide continuous water supply for the root of plants, then the soil structure is well maintained, and the water condition is stable. It has a significant effect on preventing secondary salinization of soil and can increase production by 20-30%. Especially suitable for areas with severe drought and water shortage. The drip irrigation system consists of water pumps, filters, pressure regulating valves, flow regulators, water pipes and drippers. The frequency and amount of drip irrigation depend on the soil moisture and the water demand of plants. In spring drought, drip irrigation can be used every day, usually once every 2 to 3 days. Water is irrigated for 3~6 hours each time, and each dripper drips 2 kg per hour.

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