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Rsgoldfast – You may find Zanik at a crystal cage

The testing agent will provide you a pickaxe along with rs3 gold a cryptogram you will have to fix to figure out what spell to cast. Once you solve the mystery you will mine the right quantity of essence, control your runes, and cast the spell on the testing representative. When it’s the right spell you will be returned to the Oneiromancer.

The Fourth test is crafting. You’ll end up on a plane full of crafting materials, non-agressive monsters, and 2 chests. The testing agent will provide you a crossword puzzle, to fillout which will tell you how many items that you require, and what you need to make. Once you fix it, then get the crafting tools that you want out of a torso you’ll have to throw air attack on to start. Kill the appropiate creature for hides. . .mine the right rock for gold or gems, decide on the flax, utter the sheep..you get the thought and set the items in the next chest. Once you get it right you will be returned into the Oneiromancer.

You’ll end up on a plane with a summoning obolisk,two chests and several non-agressive creatures. The testing agent will give you a anogram to workout. Once you understand the recognizable to summon and also the ideal special scroll to use. . .kill the appripiate monster for the secondary, then open the torso with your strength to obtain the ideal number of shards, pouches, and charms summon your recognizable cast the scroll to the testing broker and be returned to the Oneiromancer.

As soon as you pass the examinations the Oneiromancer will take anything you have got in the testing area and alow you to use your bank on last time before heading to the God chamber door.

You may find Zanik at a crystal cage, when you aproach it a female Goblin will poof in and ask you what it is you do. You tell her you are here to save Zanik. You the dumb. . I mean brave adventurer will tell Aladrial that Zanik is freed or you will see to OSRS buy gold it that the High War God pays.

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