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PART 1I understand how you are feeling

·They have covered their shorts: No. Fucking. Way. They had been in 5.91b$ 2 days ago (139%). They were 11.2b(113 percent ) yesterday. Along with the short volume ratio has claimed the exact same the previous two weeks. The brief interest ratio% will be reduced and Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket the whole ammount will continue to increase as we push the stock price up.

·$BRUCE is the brand new $GME.

PART 1I understand how you are feeling, you believed you diversified and you then realized their charts are identical. What does having two equal charts with different DDs mean? I did some explaining in this response. TL;DR: dilluting our capital will be the worst fucking thing we can do today, especially if we have two (almost) identical shares and GME has a far higher possibility of short squeezeng into infinity (dependent on the ammount of short interest, float along with the upwards movement brought on by social media clout the previous week).

PART 2: $FUCKU (who nobody is talking about) is about the brand new $GME, guys,”listen up this is the most important DD that you could ever read” . Fuck off, please. Same as above with less spice, tired of browse half-assed DDs in the center of the inventory motion of this century. I’m tired of these articles. You sound like your wife’s boyfriend left even her because the weakness of your?? ?? Is unbearable. I replied hereto some of the most worrisome nightmares but you may do a fucking Google search before believing shit out of randos on Twitter.

These are only some examples I found floating around like turds around the pond full of gold we’re drinking from right now. There’ll be more, so please, LISTEN to my TL;DR.

Other way too. I have the states tiniest hedge fund and I combined over the weekend for the motion and monday my dumb ass will be buying gamestop marketplace fucking open since Ive been fucked by citadel so tough previously my asshole bled out.

Ironically I am long other shares previously mentioned with this sub

For every person they try to dilute it theres some idiotic up and cummer like me rallying to yalls defense.

I use etrade (this part edited out at it was factually wrong, etrade did confine gme and amc and my platinum asshole whined )

Disclaimer: I’m not buying GME in any hopes of gain, I simply hate citadel.

I can only tell you what I did. About 3 days ago right after RH gave that message they were no more selling’certain stocks’, I made an account with Fidelity (took over 5 mins to setup acc + link bank). I then simply did an EFT (electronic funds transfer) and I managed to use 100 percent of this money I transferred immediately even though you do receive any caution linked to funds transferring when you buy the stock right away, however you can still buy it. I’d tell you the specific warning but it already cleared since so I do not recall the wording. I also needed an existing accounts in the old job I had forgot about buy Animal Crossing Items so when I signed up I just had to upgrade some info. If you set it up and run to a problem I will attempt to assist you as best I can.

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