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What’s the Difference between Air and Sea Freight? What Should We Pay Attention To?

Ⅰ. The definition of air and sea freight

In layman’s terms, air transportation refers to transportation by plane. It is mainly suitable for the transportation of small and light objects; sea transportation refers to water transportation, which is mainly suitable for the transportation of bulk or bulk goods, large and heavy goods.

Ⅱ. The difference between air and sea freight

  1. Air and sea freightare different (reflected in many aspects such as customs declaration, sea customs declaration is much more cumbersome than air customs declaration)

  1. Air freight chargesand sea freight cost are different (the freight per kilogram by sea is cheaper than air freight)

  1. The time of air and sea transportation is different (air transportation is definitely faster than sea transportation)

  1. The carriers for air freight and sea freight are different (subject to the limitation of transportation means, sea transportation and air transportation have more things than transportation)

  1. Air freight is extended on the basis of sea freight (sea freight was first developed in foreign trade, and air freight was developed later)

Ⅲ. What should be paid attention to separately between air and sea transportation?

  1. Air freight

After the air cargo arrives at the destination, the airline will notify the consignee to pick up the goods, sometimes only the bill of lading number can be used to pick up the goods, so pay attention to the payment and delivery.

  1. Sea shipping

As for sea shipping, especially for FOB, you must be careful about the delivery of goods without B/L before receiving the payment, and notify the forwarding company in time to release the goods after you notify to prevent fraud.

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