Compressor For LPG

All the compressor skid is easy to operate and maintain, with small space and less pipes.Characteristics of performance:Smooth running,low noise,simple structure,convenient operation.

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Compressor For CNG

CNG Compressor is often used for medium size CNG filling station,especially for CNG standard and daughter station.It is horizontal reciprocating (piston) compressor.

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Recycle Compressor For BOG

BOG reciprocating gas recovery systems are widely used in natural gas and LNG cryogenic tanks for LNG tanker after tanker unloading inside. BOG compressible recovered for natural gas.

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Bengbu Aipu Compressor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a professional gas compressor manufacturers. We provide BOG Compressor, LPG Compressor and so on. Want to know about types of compressors used in oil and gas industry? Please contact us.


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