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Have You Decided What Kind of Surgical Mask to Produce?

As you all know, surgical masks belong to the class Ⅱ medical devices. They must obtain a registration certificate issued by the Drug Administration before they can be sold. The supervision is relatively strict. Not only can it be used in medical institutions, but ordinary people are also more willing to buy surgical masks. Therefore, the companies that come to consult at present basically hope to gain market access to the surgical masks produced by their surgical mask manufacturing machine.

Surgical masks are divided into the following three categories: ordinary surgical masks (disposable surgical masks), medical surgical masks and medical protective masks. Their protective capabilities range from low to high, and the difficulty of production is also different.

In addition, the three implementation standards are also different. Disposable surgical masks, medical surgical masks and medical protective masks need to meet three standards, which are YY/T 0969-2013 Single-use Medical Face Masks, YY 0469-2011 Technical Requirements for Surgical Masks and GB 19083-2010 Technical requirements for Protective Face Masks.

Among them, the disposable surgical masks produced by the surgical mask manufacturing machine can be divided into sterile and non-sterile packaging. Aseptic packaging is more difficult than non-sterile packaging, and ethylene oxide sterilization requires about 14 days of analysis time, and sterility inspection also requires nearly 20 days, so the overall time is longer.

According to the shape of the mask, it can be divided into flat shape, duckbill shape, arch shape or folding type. According to the wearing style, it can be divided into ear-hook style, strap style or headband style.

Therefore, companies need to decide which surgical masks to produce based on their own capabilities and the time and money they can afford.

Different types of masks have differences in surgical mask manufacturing machines, raw materials, production processes, inspection requirements, etc. If you are uncertain at the beginning, a lot of time will be wasted.

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