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Shop window display is an indispensable way to attract customers into the store and increase sales. It has been used for more than a century (Silfridge started in 1909), and some of the window display designs have been widely used in shop windows that attract the attention of customers.


Window, lighting, color and other factors together form the brand’s visual marketing system. They will affect consumers’ decision whether to enter your store. Next, I will introduce you to the 5 factors that affect the shop window display.


  1. Commodities


Commodities can be called the soul of window display. Without merchandise, the window display loses its meaning. Commodities are the most important element of the window, because the sale of commodities can bring objective profits. This is why different sales strategies and shop window displays are needed.


Commodities can be divided into best-selling models, stimulating models, seasonal models, advertising models, special models, basic models and problem models. The last one in all categories is absolutely not to be put in the window for display.


  1. Props


The role of the window display props is to create an atmosphere and highlight the selling point. Don’t let it become the protagonist. You can only play the role of supporting the product, so that the product looks better because of them and can attract more customers to buy. The principle is to let customers see the product rather than the item at first sight.


Props can be divided into functional props, decorative props and structural props.


  1. Signage


A sign is like a receptionist in a shop window. It can break the questions of potential customers, answer some common questions about the product, and provide simple guidance information to potential customers.


The biggest mistake is the message that visual marketing wants to convey, which requires customers to guess. Tell customers your product theme, price and other important information through the sign. Encourage people to enter the store to buy goods for sale through the information conveyed.


There are many classification methods for signs, such as corporate identification, information identification, category and location identification, directional identification and price tag.


  1. Lighting


Light can decorate the window, but if you use light randomly and wrongly in the window display, it will make the window look bad.


  1. Space


Space is the stage for commodity display. The factors that control the space are length, width, and height. Everything inside will be seen by people. This is where the commodity shines.


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