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Z-type BOG Compressor

The outstanding advantage of the Z-type boil off compressor is the small floor space, and its balance of inertia force can reach the best level. The cylinder centerline is perpendicular to the ground, so the cylinder does not bear the gravity of the piston assembly. The lubricating oil can be evenly distributed along the cylinder wall. Our Z-type boil off gas compressor has the characteristics of minimum wear and uniform distribution, good gas sealing conditions, and the long working life of cylinder and airtight element.

Z-type BOG Compressor

Z-type BOG Compressor Features

Designed for specific processes, stable operation and high reliability.

Compact structure, small footprint, easy installation and simple bog compressor operation.

Flexible load adjustment, wide gas intake range and wide application range.

The overall skid-mounted design, low noise, easy to install in urban areas.

High boil off gas recovery system efficiency, low operation and maintenance costs.

Z-type BOG Compressor Application

It is mainly applied to LNG operating companies including LNG filling station, L-CNG filling station, LNG gasification station and others.

Technical Parameters and Specifications of Z-type BOG Compressor

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