At present, the storefronts of most clothing brands are mainly single-fronted and two-fronted in the market terminal. The size of the window is basically between 1.8-3.5 meters. This kind of small and medium-sized window basically uses two or three models. Therefore, according to this actual situation, this article focuses on 2-3 models to introduce the arrangement and combination of the shop window display.


  1. Basic combination form of shop window display

Model props and costumes are the most important elements in the shop window display. A simple window will also have these two elements. At the same time, these two elements also determine the basic frame and shape of the window, so you can learn about the window display first. Start with the combination and arrangement of the molds.


Different combinations and changes of human models will produce a sense of interval, echo and rhythm. Different arrangements will give people different feelings. While changing the arrangement and combination of the models, you can also get more interesting changes by changing the outfits on the models.


In addition, the clothes that appear in the same window usually choose the same series of clothes, so that the color and design style of the clothes will be more coordinated, and the content will be more concise. In order to make the window display more abundant, the length, size and color of this series of clothing need to be adjusted.


The combination of human model and clothing has the following basic combinations:


1) Same spacing and same clothing


Each model adopts an equidistant approach, with a strong sense of rhythm. Because they wear the same clothes, they are more eye-catching and suitable for promotional activities and casual wear brands. The disadvantage is that they are somewhat monotonous. In order to change this situation, one of the most common methods is to move the position of the mannequin, or change the clothing on the mannequin to make adjustments. Both changes will bring a new feeling


2) Same spacing, different clothing


In order to change the above-mentioned monotonous arrangement problem, the clothing on the model can be changed to obtain a new clothing combination change. Due to the clothing change, this combination has an interesting change in the rules.


3) Different spacing and different clothing


This is the most commonly used clothing arrangement in the window display. Due to the changes in the spacing between models and the clothing, the entire window presents a lively and natural style. Adding some props and clothing items can make the picture more varied.


  1. Comprehensive changeable combination of shop window displays

After mastering the basic display methods, the next step is to consider the design changes and combinations of the entire shop window display.


Window display is generally based on the application of plane and space composition principles, mainly using symmetrical, balanced, echo, rhythm, contrast and other composition techniques to carry out different ideas and plans for the window. At the same time, in view of the different clothing styles and brand culture of each brand, the window display also presents a variety of scenes.


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