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How to Avoid the Trap When Purchasing Surgical Mask Manufacturing Machine?

The production of surgical mask manufacturing machines requires three stages, one is the production of spare parts; the second is assembly; the third is machine debugging. At present, for the first two items, most mask manufacturers don’t have problems, but the debugging requires experienced engineers, which restricts the increase in the production capacity of surgical mask manufacturing machines.

When buying a surgical mask manufacturing machine, you need to keep an eye on it. Due to lack of industry experience, the operation and maintenance of the mask production line may be affected by the neglect of details, and the after-sales service caused by the manufacturer’s fast in and out may not keep up. When purchasing a surgical mask making machine, please refer to the following points:

  1. Choose an automated factory, if you have shipping experience, the video sent is not counted, you must have a video connection or be able to visit on the spot.

Due to the soaring demand, a large number of companies that do mechanical processing and electronic components have begun to follow suit to imitate the production of surgical mask machines, but most factories do not have the capability of R&D and mechatronics. The surgical mask manufacturing functions currently on the market continue to operate stably Of no more than 15%. It is recommended to bring the raw materials for inspection. Only a surgical mask manufacturing machine that can operate normally for at least one day is more reliable.

  1. If you buy second-hand old equipment, use the old equipment first; you can buy semi-automatic, and buy semi-automatic first.

  1. The masks produced must meet the standards of relevant countries and meet the sales requirements.

Without production and quality control experience in the mask industry, the masks produced may not meet the standards, or the unreasonable design of the production process may lead to production interruption and high rejection rate. Masks are medical protective equipment, and quality testing is very important. It is necessary to choose instruments that focus on the quality of textiles and clothing, and be proficient in mask testing standards in various countries to ensure that surgical mask manufacturing functions produce masks that meet the quality standards of various countries.

Common test standards are: YY/T 0969, BS EN14683, ASTM F2100, ASTM F2101, YY 0469, ISO 22609

  1. Don’t believe that short delivery time and low price are all routines.

Due to the difficulty of debugging and unstable operation of the automatic surgical mask making machine, the normal delivery time is close to 2 months. In order to grab orders, many suppliers of automatic surgical mask making machines often boast that the delivery time is less than 20 days and the price is less than 600,000 yuan, as a result, many manufacturers who purchased fully automatic surgical mask manufacturing machines were unable to receive the machine for a long time, and friends who got the machine were not good at debugging. Even if the product can be debugged, due to unstable operation, the expected production capacity cannot be achieved or masks of substandard quality are produced.

  1. To choose a manufacturer with a reputation guarantee, the surgical mask making machine is not a one-shot deal.

There must be a manufacturer certified by an international authority, such as whether it has SGS certification, ISO quality management system and so on.

  1. Choose manufacturers who have export experience and can provide comprehensive after-sales service.

It is necessary to choose a manufacturer with export experience and a complete remote after-sales service system, so that the machine can be delivered to the customer safely, fastest and at low cost, and ensure that the customer can quickly master the machine debugging and use, and produce quickly.

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