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The window can be called the “face” of the store, and the most critical first impression is left to the customer at the first point of sight when the customer see the store.


For stores of different brands, due to the different characteristics of the target population, consumption positioning, style positioning and other elements, they have their own different characteristics in the shop window display. However, shop window dispWSSlay design with visual art appreciation and cultural connotation taste is what this commercial era needs.



Such an important “face engineering” dress must also express the existence of “connotative taste” and promote the enhancement of “product value”. There can be many creative directions for window display. The following introduces the two most representative design techniques in commercial window display.


  1. Situational statement


This kind of design technique is usually displayed in a partial story scene and space form, centered on seasonality or brand positioning characteristics, combined with the window display props and key plots that match the scene display, to tell the product information characteristics and brand culture stories, which make viewers quickly attracted by the plot being interested in it, arousing the desire to contact, understand and purchase the brand products.


The common applications of scene telling are window display of Christmas scene elements, Halloween window display, Valentine’s Day window display, etc.


  1. Individuality and creativity


What is the most powerful magic in the shop window display? Of course it is creative.


This kind of design technique is usually expressed in the window with unconstrained creativity. The creative ideas come from the collision of the flash of inspiration and the characteristics of the brand products. Although there is a strong atmosphere for artistic appreciation, it is also inseparable from the foreshadowing and cultural connotation of the brand.


Presenting a bold modern artistic atmosphere of humor, mystery, alternative, unique and other avant-garde fashion, it deeply attracts people’s visual sight and curiosity through the window. An attractive window display is inseparable from creative thinking.




Through the creative development of these two core types, the creative design and layout of the window can be carried out in an orderly manner according to the attributes of the brand itself, combined with the characteristics of the product and the scene story props that you want to express when doing the window display, so that the shop window display is full of creativity and stories. Meanwhile, the value and charm of the product can also be greatly improved.


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