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Production Process Explanation of Mask Production Line

The mask production line is fully automated to produce the mask body machine, including feeding, plastic strip aluminum strip insertion, shorting, scene selection, ultrasonic fusion, and slicing are all automated. The frequency conversion speed of the cup cover machine can be fast or slow, and different materials can be used to produce different masks. The product quality is stable, the operation is convenient, and the noise is low and the area is small. Production process of mask production line:

  1. Inner layer shaping: it mainly uses mask making machineto heat-press the shaped cotton into a cup shape.

  1. Mask jacket forming: it uses a mask jacket forming machine to cut pieces of materials including non-woven fabric, meltblown fabric, activated carbon non-woven fabric and so on.

  1. Use a mask pad printer to print words or patterns on the outer layer to illustrate the mask model, standard, trademark, etc.

  1. Multi-layer cover pressing: press the inner and outer layers, generally 3-5 layers.

  1. Edge trimming: use a mask welding and punching machine to cut off the excess edges of the pressed mask.

  1. Nose line fitting: the mask needs nose line to adjust the position of wearing. The nose line can be made of aluminum strips, rubber strips and other materials that can fix the position. This step is completed by the nose bridge welding machine in the mask production line.

  1. Breathing valve punching: use a mask breathing valve punching machine to punch holes on the top of the mask to install the mask breathing valve.

  1. Ear strap welding: use an ear strap welding machine to weld the ear straps to both ends of the mask. There are many kinds of ear strap materials, and one or two ear straps can be welded.

  1. Breathing valve welding: use a breathing valve welding machine to weld the breathing valve at the punching position. There are also many types of breathing valves.

After the mask production line completes the production process, there are some tasks of packaging and disinfection. After these processes, the finished mask can be worn.

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