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Well Stapled Peptide took 8 trained individuals

Growth Hormone Peptide synthesis  With so many conflicting opinions on the correct pre and post workout nutritional protocols to follow – it can be a minefield in trying to decide which to follow.

Do you consume a carbohydrate drink like Gatorade only? Or do you consume a whey protein and carbohydrate mix? Or do you take some peptide and amino acid tablets? Decisions, Decisions!

Well let us help you. Research performed by leading scientists suggest that consuming a mixture of whey protein, amino acids and carbohydrates immediately after your workout can substantially increase Net Protein Synthesis. What is this I hear you ask? It is the rate at which protein can be taken in to the body and thus muscles. The greater the figure, the more protein and amino acids the body will assimilate.

So what did the study do? Well Stapled Peptide took 8 trained individuals and tried two post-workout nutritional protocols.

a) In the first one they ingested 77.4 g carbohydrates, 17.5 g whey protein, and 4.9 g amino acids 1 hr after resistance exercise.

b) In the other, 100 g carbohydrates was ingested

Results? The obtained readings and biopsy results from specific muscle tissue which clearly indicated that the mixture of protein,carbohydrates and amino acids allowed for an increased rate of protein synthesis.

However, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 may be worthwhile pointing out that PRE workout nutrition is also a very important area. After all, it is what the body has been primed with that is key. So if your muscles are full of glycogen [carbohydrates] and you have energy readily available in the body [by consuming some carbohydrates up to 45 mins before the workout] you will see yourself in good stead to power through those workouts


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