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In fact, it is difficult to strictly classify the design styles of shop window display. Because some window displays will use several design elements. Here, in order to make everyone understand the changes in window styles more clearly, there are two more typical and common window display design styles.



  1. Pursue a harmonious and beautiful rhythm sensation


This kind of shop window display pursues a more elegant style. The design of the window pays more attention to the rhythm of the music. The window design mainly creates a beautiful melody through the combination and arrangement of the various elements of the window.


Music and window display are connected. The changes in the rhythm of music in the window display are specifically manifested in the spacing between the models, the arrangement, the color depth and area of the clothing, the interspersion of the upper and lower positions, and the direction of the lines in the window. A good exhibitor is also the one who has the deepest understanding of the arrangement and rhythm of the various elements in the window.


  1. Pursue a bizarre and exaggerated sense of impact


Exaggerated and bizarre design style is also another commonly used style in window display, because it can stand out from ordinary creativity and win the attention of passers-by. This expression style often adopts some unconventional design techniques to pursue visual impact.


In this style, the most commonly used technique is to put the model’s photographic posters into an extra-large size, or to re-arrange some objects to create a quantitative visual impact, or to place some unconventional things together to look forward to the attention of pedestrians.


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