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Seasonal window display

According to seasonal changes, seasonal products are displayed in a centralized manner, such as wool and windbreakers in late winter and early spring, as well as summer clothes, sandals, and straw hats in late spring and early summer. This method satisfies the psychological characteristics of customers buying seasonally and is conducive to expanding sales.




The shop windows are mostly closed, so as to make full use of the background decoration, manage the displayed goods, and make it easy for customers to watch. The display window specifications should be adapted to the overall building and storefront of the store.




The height of the bottom of the shop window is generally 80cm-130cm from the ground, and the height that adults can see is better, so most of the products can be displayed from a place 60cm from the ground. Small products are displayed from a height of 100cm or more. Large items such as refrigerators, washing machines, bicycles can be displayed 5cm above the ground.




Retail planners can choose specific window display advertising forms based on factors such as retail store scale, window structure, product characteristics, consumer demand and other factors.


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