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Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) series oil-free lubricating compressor is one of our domestic products with the characteristics of low speed, high strength components, smooth operations, long service life, convenient maintenance and great LPG compressor price. Among them, the ZW series compressor is in unit form. It integrates compressor, gas-liquid separator, filter, two-position four-way valve, safety valve, checks valve, explosion-proof motor and chassis. It has the advantages of small volume, lightweight, low noise, good sealing, easy installation and simple operation. LPG compression is mainly used for the unloading, loading, dumping, residual gas recovery and residual liquid recovery of LPG. It is widely used in LPG storage and distribution station, gasification station, gas mixing station, gas filling stations and so on, it is the key equipment in the LPG industry.

Among our types of gas compressor, LPG gas compressors are one of the best. They are mainly used for the transportation and pressurization of liquefied petroleum gas or gases with similar properties. Therefore, such LPG compressors using LPG compressor oil to operate are the key equipment for liquefied petroleum gas stations, LPG car filling stations, and mixed gas stations, and they are also the ideal equipment to pressurize and recover the gases for chemical companies. Aipu is one of the leading LPG compressor manufacturers, we provide the best LPG gas compressor with reasonable prices.

Types of LPG Compressor

Z-type LPG Compressor

Z-type liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) compressor is a skid-mounted, vertical, single-acting, air-cooled, non-lubricated, reciprocating piston structure unit.It is composed of main engine.

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