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What is the Right Kettlebell Size for Your Exercises?


Kettlebell is one kind of exercising equipment widely applied in family gym, which is also popular with both male and female taking exercise. It can be used for cardio and strength training. Kettlebell is usually made of single solid metal which has a spherical shape and a large curved handle, requiring hands to grasp it during use.


Kettlebell sizes are various, confusing many people. The simplest is to start from the light weight and small size and build up the confidence as well as skills. Do not begin to use heavier weight and larger size until you possess the capacity.


As a result, it’s suggested to play kettlebells of 26 pounds or 12kg for the old or the new player who is not familiar with physical training. Women are advised to use 15 pound or 7kg to exercise while men should start from 35 pound or 24kg. For those with perfect figure and abundant experience, their standard is 44 pound or 20kg, improved to 53 pound or 24 kg. Similarly, a strong woman can exercise with the weight increased to 35 pound or 16kg from 26 pound or 12kg.


It should be reminded that all the people avoid using kettlebells over 53 pounds. Remember working out regularly to avoid muscle strain.


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